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Express Entry Changes: Info for Bilingual & French Pros in Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration Express entry is changing, here are some important information about bilingual and French speaking professionals. 
Good day ladies and gentlemen, this is IRC news and I am Joy Stephen, an authorized Canadian Immigration practitioner bringing out this special edition of Immigration news about upcoming changes to rounds of Invitation in the Express Entry Pool for Canada Immigration. These changes were announced by IRCnews in 2022 which is now being implemented. I am coming to you from the Polinsys studios in Cambridge, Ontario. Today is the 01/06/2023. This news release is specifically for Polinsys clients and Canada Immigration clients. 
Canada Immigration Express Entry selection is changing a little and moving away from general CRS score-based selection to specific selection highlighting Canadian economic needs.  

This news release is to highlight language as a primary selection option. Canada has two official languages, English and French. Both languages offer points based on the levels. The selection under the express entry is likely to provide selection for French speaking professionals notwithstanding the type of job you are in. Therefore, if you know French and did not do your French tests, then it may be in your interest to complete your French tests and update the scores on your CIC portal. If you are represented, please ask your representative to update the scores on the portal right away.  

If you do not know French and English is your primary language, then, fear not, other changes to the rounds of invitations in the express entry selection may highlight a category-based selection based on the type of profession you have experience in.  

If you need assistance to participate in Provincial or Federal programs or assistance after selection, please contact us   
Good luck! 

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