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Using Immigration Consultants for Employer Driven program support & Representation

Using Immigration Consultants for Employer Driven program support & Representation. 

Good day ladies and Gentlemen, this is IRC news and we are coming to you from the Polinsys outdoor studios in the beautiful Atlantic coastal town of Pleasant Point, Nova Scotia. 

Being prepared for immigration is highly valued by Canadian employers as it provides them with a greater sense of certainty in their selection process. By showcasing your immigration readiness through your IELTS results and ECA credentials, Canadian employers are more likely to perceive your candidacy as a potential opportunity for a quicker start in the position. It is natural for employers to expect a reasonable timeframe for hiring, and the sooner an employee can join, the better the chances of selection. If an employer chooses a candidate who has not completed the IELTS or ECA requirements, it indicates that the employer is uncertain about whether the candidate can fulfill these necessary evaluations successfully. With regards to immigration readiness, it is essential to consider that the potential date for joining your Canadian job may be at least four months in the future.  

To address these considerations, you have the option to engage the services of a paid immigration representative. The role of an immigration representative includes: 

  • Assisting you in becoming immigration ready to minimize any potential delays in starting your job if you are selected by Canadian employers. 
  • Acting as a representative in Canada to facilitate communication between you and your employer for immigration-related matters. 
  • Some paid immigration representatives also share job opportunities in Canada from employers seeking foreign nationals. 

Certain paid immigration representatives are approved recruiters for specific provinces. While most provinces do not require an approval process for recruitment, provinces such as Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan have established procedures. You can find a list of recruiters for Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan by following the links provided on the screen. 

It is important to note that immigration paid representatives cannot charge for recruitment services. However, they are entitled to compensation for any immigration-related work they perform. Many paid representatives also offer a free evaluation for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) programs. To obtain a FREE written evaluation from an experienced Canadian Authorized Representative, you can access the link displayed on my screen. If you have questions about Canada Immigration Services, please attend the FREE Canadian Zoom Meeting, credentials are posted on the website  

Welcome to this weekly video update on PNP news brought to you by IRC News. We understand the importance of staying informed about Canadian job opportunities, data analysis, and immigration news, and that’s why we’re here to provide you with the latest information. To further your understanding of becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident, we invite you to watch our free online YouTube videos at Our Canadian Authorized Representative also conducts a free Q&A session every Friday to answer any questions you may have. For more information and Zoom meeting credentials, please visit It’s important to note that the Canadian Government regulates who can charge fees for immigration services, so we recommend following the link for more information. If you’re looking for a free evaluation of your Canada PR application, please visit To stay updated with our latest news, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We appreciate your support and hope you’ve found this video informative. If you liked this news, please like the video and to receive notifications about more Canadian job positions, please subscribe to our channel.

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